Michigan landscape design services is a landscape design and consultation company that was started in 2004. The primary focus is to create
landscape plans that reflect the ideas and values of the client, keeping in mind the micro environmental impacts that these plans will have on the  
macro environment.

In addition to the landscape planning we offer landscape consultation services. When you call an individual in to consult on a project, it is
important to know that they are well knowledge in their field of expertise. From construction to design and from horticulture to maintenance, you
can feel confident that your needs will be met in a timely fashion with outstanding results.


MLDS was started to provide professional design services for homeowners and contractors alike. In the past we have heard that it is difficult for
a homeowner to find a trusted consultant who is willing to work with them on a project that they are going to install them selves. These individual
are looking for someone who is open minded and willing to act as their consultant as well as their designer.  This company has allowed us to do
just that. Working with the homeowners one on one to ensure that we see their project through to the end. This is true in both cases whether you
are going to do it yourself, or you wish to have us refer a contractor and manage your project as it is constructed.

On the contractors side, we are looking to provide a design service for your firm. After many years in the industry, we saw a need for a
professional design group that has the experience to care for your most deserving clients. And in return the contractor receives a comprehensive
design at an affordable price. When we are approached by a client who is looking for a qualified construction company, we like to know that our
referrals are holding true to the same standard as we are. Its about building long term relationships that will ultimately benefit our clients.
We are proud members of the following associations and hold the following certifications:

* Michigan State University, Bachelors of Science - Horticulture / Landscape Design.

* Certified professional landscape designer from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

* Michigan Certified Nurseryman
Certified Landscape Designer
Michigan Certified Nurseryman
'Exceeding expectations with outstanding landscape solutions'